Dear John:

Patti and I are very pleased to write a letter supporting your work and business ethics.

Being retired Army; we have owned five homes across the United States and have worked with many home service contractors and to this point none have surpassed your professionalism, attention to detail, and friendly demeanor.

Since buying our current ranch home in Highlands (second owner) back in 1994 we knew that at some point we would again have to start the search for a trustworthy home contractor that everyone hopes to find. We began the search by asking friends/neighbors, reading the yellow pages, and checking online. The one name that kept coming to the top for roofing and gutter work was John Harrison of Harrison Roofing. After meeting you back in early 2010 we believed that we had found the man who we could trust to give a fair assessment of the problem, offer a reasonable price that would not change, and complete the work as (and when) promised.

We were right. Over the years John has provided us with a complete roof reinstallation, a significant gutter repair, and recently an entirely new gutter system upgrade. We have never considered calling anyone else other than John nor have we recommended anyone else other than John when asked by friends and family about roofing issues. It is therefore no surprise that our son recently had John install a new roof on their first home.

Without question we believe that John is dedicated, efficient, and very careful with other people’s property. In fact, some would say he is a perfectionist as you seldom see shingles nailed by hand any more. John still maintains that hand nailing provides the most sturdy and longer lasting roof. We agree.

We would be glad to talk with any future customers and answer any questions that they might have.


LTC (Ret) Dennis & Patti L.


To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to recommend the services of the Harrison Roofing. I recently built a new house had Harrison Roofing do the work. They did a great job and got the work done on schedule. Most important of all they cleaned up after and did not leave any nails or papers lying around.

About six months later we had a bad hail storm that required the roof to be replaced. I called John Harrison back and he promptly got me an estimate and the replaced the roof just a few weeks later. Once again his crew cleaned up as if they had never been there.

I'm happy to recommend the services of Harrison Roofing.


David B.


Our decision to go with Harrison Roofing was an easy one. From our initial visit to the end of the project he made us feel comfortable.

During our initial visit he explained the process of roofing our house and answered any questions we had. John provided us with addresses so we could drive by completed roofs to get a bigger picture of what the different colored shingles would look like on our house.

During the time when the roof was getting done he was on site the whole time. His crew was very professional and did a great job.

After the roof was done he walked around with us and made sure we were 100% satisfied.

I would gladly recommend Harrison Roofing.

Travis K.


Harrison Roofing,

We were extremely pleased with the work done by Harrison Roofing when they put a new roof on our house last summer. There are several reasons why.

Mr. Harrison listened carefully to us as we described what we needed. His knowledge of the roofing business was evident as we discussed various options, and he shared with us his observations and recommendations. Mr. Harrison offered us several options, each of which would meet our needs.

The work done by Mr. Harrison’s team was very satisfactory. The work was completed in a timely fashion. Mr. Harrison was respectful of our time as demonstrated in promptly returning phone calls and meeting us as scheduled.

We highly recommend Harrison Roofing to anyone who wants work well planned and well done.

Mary S.

January 27, 2015.